Biggest Contracts in NFL History

*Biggest Contracts: Some of the Highest Paid Players within the NFL:

Joe Flacco is from southern New Jersey¬†and is considered a very valuable and talented player. Joe Flacco signed a 3 year contract with the Baltimore Ravens for 66,400.000. In addition to a very generous and profitable contract Joe Flacco also received a 40,000.000 sign on bonus. In addition to all of monies from Flacco’s original contract and sign on bonuses, he is also guaranteed a base salary in 2016 0f 4,000.000.

Of course, over time Joe Flacco will have salary increases and other perks and bonuses. Flacco’s earnings are currently capped at 22,550.000. The money is not too hard to take considering Joe Flacco is under thirty years old.

In the year 2022, Joe Flacco will have earned “free agent” status. Flacco is fortunate to have become a household name at such a young age due to his talent and abilities. Flacco is one of the highest paid within the entire industry.

Michael Vick is an American Football Quarterback and is currently a free agent. Michael Vick started out playing College football in Virginia. Vick eventually went on to play for the Eagles, New York Jets as well as the Steelers.

Vicks talents did not go unrecognized. Although Vick had undergone a few suspensions throughout his career it did not seem to affect him financially. Acting as free agent, Michael Vick is guaranteed a salary in 2016 of 975,000.00. The salary will of course increase over time. However, Vick is one of the highest paid free agents within the NFL.

In 2014, Vick was paid a guaranteed salary of 4,000.000 as well as a sign on bonus in the amount of 2.5 million dollars. It is quite evident Michale Vick was paid quite well for his contributions to the NFL over the years.

In early 2016 Calvin Johnson announced his retirement. Johnson had played for the Detriot Lions. Johnson was obviously recognized as a dedicated and talented NFL player. In 2016 Calvin Johnson was receiving a base salary of 15.5 million dollars.

A contract the Johnson signed in 2012 included a sign on bomus of 16 million dollars. The monies that Calvin Johnson was offered is paid out over a 5 year period. Calvin Johnson is currently one of the highest paid players within the NFL.

Calvin Johnsons talents as a wide received served him quite well while playing with the Detroit Lions. When Calvin announced his retirement team members were saddened because telent such as Calvin Johnson can never really be replaced.

Andrew Luck is another highly paid NFL player. Luck has certainly demonstarted his talents within the game of football. Andrew Luck most recent contract guarantees 122, 970.000 over a period of five years. Luck has been a valuable asset to the Indianapolis Colts.

In addition to the fabulous salary, Luck also received a 32 million dollar sign on bonus with the most recent contract. Regardless, Andrew Luck is guaranteed an annual salary of 24 million dollars. In 2017, it is said that Andrew Luck will receive a base salary of about 12 million in addition to a sign on bonus of 18 million dollars.

Andrew Luck at the present time has more money than he will probably ever spend within a lifetime. Luck is an American NFL Quarterback who was born in Washington D.C. Luck was the number one pick in the 2012 draft. The Colts got one of the most talented and ambitious players when they selected Andrew Luck.

Football players in general receive some fabulous salaries and bonuses. Some argue that professional athletes are over paid for what they do. However, I am sure these top paid NFL players feel they are deserving of the monies in which they receive on a regular basis.