Fastest Players in the NFL Today

There is an ever growing trend that is going around in the NFL today, and it is speed. These men can jump 40 inches, broad jump over 140 inches and run their 40 laser time in under 4.3 seconds and the NFL is finding more players that can do it. With extensive dieting and training, fans can expect this trend to continue to rise and even see more players that can move and react faster than ever. Speed is an ever-growing phenomenon that will be interesting to see grow. Here are the top fastest players in the NFL in 2016, ranking from fast to fastest.

5. Ted Ginn JR.: Carolina Panthers

40 Laser Time: 4.28
100 Meter-Time: 10.50
2016 Top Speed: 22.44 MPH 

Ted Ginn JR has been regarded one of the fastest players in the league since the draft in 2007. He helped his team reach Super Bowl 50 by being a return specialist and a speedy receiver. In high school Ginn Jr. played as quarterback, receiver, defensive back and was a standout track athlete. In his junior year, he was the national champion in the 110-meter hurdles and in his senior year, he won the title in the 200 meters. He decided to put his track career on hold in his freshmen year at Ohio State University to focus on football. At the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.28 and reached 22.44 mph in-game speed, an NFL best.

4. Julio Jones: Atlanta Falcons

40 Laser Time: 4.39
100 Meter-Time: 11.13 [HS]
Shuttle: 4.25 Cone: 6.66

Even at 6’3″ and 220 LBS, Julio Jones has a 4.39s in 40-yard dash, which allows him to dominate game after game for the Falcons. Jones has been selected for three pro-bowls and in 2015, he led the league in receiving yards. He was a standout track athlete; winning state champion in the long jump, triple jump, high jump and has a personal best in the 100-meter dash, 11.3 seconds, which he achieved when he was only 19.

3. Patrick Peterson: Arizona Cardinals

40 Laser Time: 4.34
100 Meter Time: 10.2
Shuttle: 4.09 Cone: 6.58

Patrick Peterson can be considered one of the best corner-backs in the NFL today; as well as one of the premier return specialist of the game because of his speed alone. He’s made the Pro bowl all five of his years. With his combination of speed and high football IQ has earned him a place at the top of the league’s defensive place.

2. Antonio Brown: Pittsburgh Steelers

40 Laser Time: 4.48
100 Meter-Time: 10.54
Shuttle: 4.18 Cone: 6.98

Considered as an elite route runner and the most dangerous receiver in an open field, Antonio Brown is a superstar for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In high school, Brown was a 2-time state qualifier in the 100-meter dash and won the state title in the 4×100 meter relay team. Over the years, he was proved everybody in the NFL wrong who thinks he is a mediocre player.

1. Desean Jackson: Washington Redskins

40 Laser Time: 4.34
100 Meter-Time: 10,5 [HS]
Shuttle: 4.19 Cone: 6.82

It is no surprise to NFL fans that Desean Jackson is the NFL’s fastest man, based on pure in-game speed. Even though he was discounted when he let the Eagles for the Redskins, a lot of people think he is better now with the new start and Kirk Cousins isn’t afraid to let him fly. Jackson is known for his play-making ability and blistering speed. He’s been named to the Pro-Bowl three times and continues to fly past by defenders with his speed and quickness.