Is Drew Brees the Most Under-rated QB in NFL History?

Drews Brees is not the most underrated quarterback of all time, but he is on a short list of those who are not given their due. This article shares five men who are not given their due as Brees is, and the reader may choose the player they believe is simply not given enough credit. Fans of certain teams will find their man to be the one scorned the most, but the objective fan will find the trouble with the way players are perceived over the course of a career.

#1: Archie Manning

The other great Saints quarterback tops this list as he was a hall of famer on a bad team. Anyone who watched Archie Manning play will testify to his greatest even though the Saints were a terrible team. He persevered many times over, fought through injuries and built a career that took him to Canton. He hardly had a chance to win a Super Bowl, and his lack of playoff success is why those who do not respect him say he is not all that great.

#2: Terry Bradshaw

A four-time Super Bowl winner is on this list because he is not seen as the reason his teams won any titles. He was the man who handed the ball to Franco Harris or passed it to John Stallworth and Lynn Swann. He did not play on the Steel Curtain defense, and he was not the coach. Terry Bradshaw ends up with the short end of the stick because he was not a superstar as his teammates were. Anyone who loves football knows that Bradshaw is one of the best at his position in history, and the fans who discredit him are missing the point.

#3: Dan Fouts

Dan Fouts helmed one of the great offenses of all time. He threw to the man who some believe is the best tight end of all time in Kellen Winslow, and he was so productive that he became an analyst who broke down tape on offenses every week on TV. Dan Fouts is a hall of famer, but he did not go to or win a Super Bowl. His lack of postseason credibility stunts his case for greatness, but anyone who saw him play knows he was amongst the best.

#4: Warren Moon

Warren Moon threw for 70,000 yards in his career, and he won five Grey Cups in Canada. The Grey Cup is not familiar to American sports fans, but it is the trophy given to the winner of the CFL every season. He won five straight titles in Canada before coming to the NFL after going undrafted. He previously won the Rose Bowl at Washington, and he became the black quarterback everyone wanted. He paved the way for men like Randall Cunningham, and he is not given any credit because he did not win a title. This is a travesty of justice that proves titles are overrated in some cases.

#5: Randall Cunningham

Randall Cunningham carried the Eagles and the Vikings to playoff success, but never a Super Bowl. He is the black quarterback modern players are modeled on, and he proved to everyone that his game could stand up to the scrutiny. He finished his career with the Super Bowl ring so many crave, and that left him with a sour taste in his mouth. He was left behind even though his career changed the NFL for the better.

Every man on this list deserves praise for his play, but these men cannot be held to account for a lack of titles. Each one was great even though he does not wear a Super Bowl ring.